Tip: Share a Group of Patterns

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Have you ever wanted to share a group of patterns with a friend or family member?

There are a few different ways that you can use Ravelry to collect patterns. You can favorite a set of patterns and collect them in a special bundle, but you might prefer something temporary that doesn't mess with your favorites.

If you use "remember and compare" to star patterns in the pattern search, you can make a temporary list of search results and share it with others. Here is how:

  1. Use "remember and compare" and star each of the patterns. If you haven't tried this before, here is a quick tutorial.

  2. View all of your starred patterns. Change the sort order if you like.

  3. Share the link to your search with a friend. If you want, you can click "share link" in the upper left of the search screen to get a short link.

  4. Once you've shared the link, you don't need to keep those remembered patterns around. You can clear them.

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