Search Inside Pattern Notes

Posted by maryheatherb on
screenshot of Ravelry's mobile pattern search with the "pattern notes" filter applied and searching for "Halloween"

Did you know that you can search the notes on Ravelry pattern pages for specific words and phrases? While you're in our advanced pattern search, select the pattern notes filter from our more search options section at the bottom of the search filters, or just type the words pattern notes in the search field and the option to select this filter will appear. Once selected, you can apply whatever search terms you like to help you find results from the notes section of pattern pages.

This is a great way to further refine your searches in creative ways: think about searching for holidays, craft-alongs, charitable organizations, and anything designers may write about in the pattern notes section that wouldn't be found with our other filters! If you'd like some inspiration, here are some pattern notes searches to try: Halloween, size inclusive, gradient kit, Doctors without Borders, mini-skein, socktober 2022, mystery CAL (crochet-along) or mystery KAL (knit-along). Have fun!

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