New Pattern Search Video

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It's been an exciting summer here at Ravelry as we have worked with many of you to implement the new Ravelry search! The new search has a lot of great features, but it may seem a bit complicated at first.  While we wish that we could come to each of your houses and sit down with you to show you how to use it, unfortunately that's just not a feasible option.  Instead, we've put together a new pattern search video for you to show you how it all works.  It's the next best thing and doesn't require you to straighten up the house or get out of your pajamas!  There are more search features than what's included here, so we hope to have some additional videos that get a bit more specific for you in the future! To view the video bigger, you can view it full screen by clicking the arrows icon beside vimeo in the bottom right when you mouse over the video.  If you don't see it above, you can view it here. Comments

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