Austin: Ravelry event at The Knitting Nest!

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knitting nest It's travel time again! Next weekend, Sarah and I are headed to Austin, Texas, for a "Thankful for Ravelry" event at The Knitting Nest on Saturday, November 13 from 10 am till 6 pm! We'll be there all day, hanging out and meeting all the awesome Ravelers who come by. The last time we did an event at that shop we had an amazing time, and now the store is in bigger and better digs - we can't wait to check them out! The address is: The Knitting Nest (Google maps link) 8708 South Congress, Suite 570 Austin, Texas 78745 You can mark if you are attending on the Ravelry Events page! I'm looking forward to this event on a pretty personal level - Stacy, the fabulous owner of The Knitting Nest, has organized a silent auction on that day (it will end at about 5:45 pm) to benefit the American Cancer Society in honor of my mom, who spent the first part of this year battling cancer. She lost her nose due to a massive tumor in her sinuses, but I'm happy to say that she is a survivor and has been cancer-free for months now... and will even be at the Thankful for Ravelry event with us! The goodies up for auction are going to be amazing - there's a thread to check out some of the fabulous donations in the Knitting Nest Ravelry group. jandc Jess and Casey are headed to New Orleans for RubyConf over the same weekend, and Jess will be posting in the Louisiana Needlers and New Orleans groups here on Ravelry about a possible meetup. Watch that group to see what the plans are - they'd love to say hello to some some Ravelers while they're in the Big Easy! These are going to be our last work-related trips of 2010 - time has really flown and we can hardly believe it's November already. As our community is approaching 1,000,000 users, we often talk about how lucky we are to have the chance to get to know so many positive people on the site and in person during our events. 2011 travel plans are already getting started - we'll be visiting some new places and meeting more Ravelers, and, as always, we'll have the information here! p.s. I can't believe I forgot to link the woolies! Jess is wearing the Vivian sweater and Ripley hat - both patterns are by Ysolda Teague. Comments...

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