We're getting there! (You can tell people about Ravelry!)

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As always, want to say a warm welcome to all the new Ravelers! So happy to have you here- hope the site is fun so far. :) I know I have really enjoyed seeing all the new people, yarns, and projects! So, what's up?! Well, lots actually! 1. Casey has put together a new Discuss section- a kind of forum. It is going to be linked into the pattern and yarn pages so that everything on the site flows together and info is easy to find. Post a new topic! Respond to the ones that are up there! I am already having fun with it myself. (Great idea, Kelly Sue!) 2. We are finally ready to come out of the closet! Sorta. Casey made a new login page the other day so that people coming by can get an idea what the site is all about and new folks can also sign up for an invite. So... you can write about Ravelry on your blog if you want! Yaay! My heart is beating all fast just thinking about it. haha It would be super helpful if you told people what you like about it and you can link people back to our main page. As I said, we have a button there where friends can sign in for an invite. The only reason we are doing it this way is so we can grow a bit gradually... so that Casey and won't lose our minds over here! Everyone is welcome though!! We will also be assigning all you beta testers some more invites- so keep an eye on here when that is ready. I will do another quick post or an email. In pure blogger style, here are three quick badges that Casey threw together to put on your sidebar. We will have other badges soon and more blog integration once we are all open to the public (will be within the next couple weeks). We are thinking probably something like little pics of your projects, etc.  Ravelry-88X31  Ravelry-88X31-White  Ravelry-88X31-Borderless 3. You know what is one of the most fun parts of having your own website? SWAG, baby. :) I got a bunch of stuff to hand out at Maryland Sheep & Wool- some buttons and some little cards for me. woohoo! Img 1422-2 Img 1417-2 The buttons are from the fabulous folks at Button Arcade- they were super nice and made some awesome buttons for us, really quickly. (Thanks, Adrian!) The silly "business cards" are actually the famous Moo Cards. I am totally addicted now and need more. ;) They are so tiny and smooth feeling. The printing is great too- very crisp. 4. Speaking of Maryland Sheep and Wool... who is going?? Would you guys be willing to pimp out Ravelry to people you see and meet? We have 500 buttons so I can hand them out to you guys to give away. Anybody up for that? Contact me, and we can figure out how to meet up! You can also go to the discussion thread I started here to talk! If you see me at the festival, I will be the short- haired geek with the big Ravelry tote bag. Awwww, yeah. ;) Img 1414-2

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