A Thanksgiving surprise

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Something amazing happened to us during the Thanksgiving holiday last weekend. Hundreds of Ravelers sprung a big surprise on us - they filled forum threads with thank you notes, buried our inboxes in donations, and sent cards, donations and beer to our PO box. They also came up with all kinds of funny and creative avatars to wear on the ThankRavelryDay that they threw for us. Guys - you are awesome. Your thanks, appreciation, and excitement means a lot to us. One of the biggest rewards of Ravelry has been all of the good juju that Ravelers send our way. Jess and I are thankful for all of you - without you we'd just have an empty site. You fill Ravelry up with your creations and your conversations and you help us build and grow. The thank you avatars were really cool and I wanted to share them with the world. I snagged all of the profile pics that were uploaded around Thanksgiving time and picked out the ones that were created for the occasion. I hope that I found them all! *little edit* - this picture doesn't really show how many of these avatars were on the site around the holiday weekend - these are all of the variations but I think that about 800 users put up a thank you avatar! PS - For those of you who are still waiting to get a peek inside the site: the invite list is moving pretty quickly but if you are more interested in browsing than creating an account, keep an eye on this blog. We are thinking about having a little Open House event in January. We aren't ready to open the site for real, but we thought that people might like to grab a (time limited) guest pass, pick up a cocktail and a snack, and stop in to take a look around. I'm sure that people will dress up their avatars for the occasion. There may even be door prizes :)

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