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We've got all kinds of Ravelry factoids to share with people - who has the most stash? who has the longest queue? most socks? most posts marked as 'funny' or 'educational'? Here is one tidbit that people who haven't joined Ravelry yet can enjoy: what are the most popular outgoing links? Here are the top 10 for December 1-7 (not including the new MagKnits and the new Knitty)
  1. The World’s Biggest Stash? over at Mochimochi Blog
  2. My So Called Scarf is still going strong
  3. DROPS Design's pattern a day advent calendar
  4. knitbritt pointed out sassafrass' Needle Chain Link necklace and a ton of people clicked over to Etsy to check it out.
  5. We Love Holiday Sweaters was #5. Are you guys bored at work or what? ;)
  6. People seem to like sensationalist stories about poo.
  7. Yep. Brora cashmere socks are expensive.
  8. kissyourshadow has a neat stripe generator
  9. Kate Gilbert's Bird in Hand mittens
  10. And the last one... knitwear in The Golden Compass.
oh - Jess and I are definitely coming to TNNA and STITCHES West in January and February. We'll even have a booth at STITCHES - just like a real company! I don't know what we'll put in our booth, perhaps Ravelry buttons and other goodies? If you are in Ravelry and you are planning on attending one of these, make sure to check out the TNNA Long Beach and STITCHES West 2008 groups. We are looking forward to seeing all of you West Coast Ravelers :)

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