Updates- Early March

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I have been inviting new Ravelers every day and Casey has been busy adding new features since my last post. Thank you and welcome to all the new folks! yay! I feel like a proud mama- showing off her baby for the first time. Yeah, she drools on herself a little and doesn't really speak in full sentences, but isn't she growing up fast? I hope that everyone who has been using the site is finding it interesting so far. It will only get better, the more we all put into it! Updates: - There is a new section under your friends tab called Neighbors. This section will tell you what other ravelers knit projects similar to yours. Again, this will be much more interesting once we have more people in there. :) - In your notebook's project section, Casey put in a new 'pop-down' for entering patterns and yarns. Can you check it out and see if you like it better than the old way? It seems to be loading faster on our computers... - In the stash section, you can now add yarns to your stash from that page instead of having to go to the yarn section first. You can add yarns that are in Ravelry already and *also* ones that are not in there yet. We do have a lot of yarns in Ravelry but some of the independent dyers do still need to be added. - You can see who in 'people' are in your friends list (little person icon) - Knitalong section was created- you can now add a knitalong to Ravelry and also add a project to a knitalong. Please give us feedback on this section since we just finished it. Anything else need to be added? - Now at the bottom of every page, you can find the contact us link in the footer. Don't hesitate to let us know if you have ideas or problems. We are trying to get to everything people suggest as quick as we can. :) Class participation time: Can you guys do me a favor and respond in the comments? (here) - What browser you normally use? - Finish this sentence! "I wish Raverly could..." - Now that you have your projects into ravelry, what do you want to be able to do with them? pdf? list? bound book? what? Coming soon! - Casey is working as I write this to add a 'queue' section so that you can keep track of what projects you would like to knit in the future, as well as yarns you would like to use. You will be able to integrate yarns from your stash and other people's projects as inspiration. - Casey has been working on blog integration- soon you will be able to add your blog posts to the 'journal' section in you project notebook. Will be super helpful when looking for info on specific projects to see all the blog posts. We will also be adding a journalling feature for those who don't have blogs. Thanks, as always!

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