Update- Beginning of April

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Hi, everyone! Been a while since my last update but, don't worry... we have been working very hard! Want to say first a quick welcome to all the new folks! We have some great new knitters, independent dyers, and designers who have joined our growing community. Casey and I would like to thank everyone also for their continued feedback as we are getting the site pulled together. We really appreciate all the comments- positive and um, constructive. :) So... what have we been doing all this time? 1. Casey put together a nifty pattern browser- click on the type of pattern on the pattern page and you can search by star rating, yarn weight, etc... Pattern Searchx 2. He also has been working a slideshow and picture zoom feature. The little square thumbnails make the site look pretty but we really need to be able to see as much detail as possible, right? (Here is Elinor's beautiful Winter Sunrise Hat and little Beatrix- aww!) We will be adding more detail and links to this screen in the future. To get to the slideshow, click on the little slideshow button on the top right hand corner of a fellow Raveler's project notebook. Slideshow 3. Casey also added a needle and hook inventory sheet to our project notebooks. Now you can really know how many needles you have. (haha, if you want to!) You can put detail into it, like what kind of needle or hook it is. (addi, britanny, bamboo, crappy, etc.) You can also print out this sheet to carry in your wallet! (That printable sheet does still need some tweaking but it works.) Needlehook Thanks again, everyone! Be in touch with any problems or questions!!

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