Update 4/25

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Welcome to all the new folks! So happy to have you join us! I have a bit of a long update this time... That will teach me for procrastinating. First off, Casey and I thought you guys might want to see how much we've grown! Right now, Ravelry has: - 90 active users - 22 designers, 11 yarn dyers/spinners - 1146 projects - 855 patterns - 2668 photos - 542 stashed yarns (1656 skeins) - 639 needles - 328 blog posts linked Wowee! :) Second, we just wanted to say a quick thank you to the following groups, as we are developing these sections of the site: - Ravelers outside the U.S. - Crocheters - Designers - Yarn Dyers and Spinners You guys have been very patient as we are adding new features and we really appreciate it. Please let us know if there is something you think would make the site easier to use or more welcoming. Feedback, as always, is welcome. So, what's new? 1. Messaging system. You may have noticed a little 'new message' tag in the top right corner of the header. You can now send messages to other Ravelers right on the site and get notifications for comments, favorites and friends. 2. We forgot to add a way to delete from your stash- now you can do that by putting your mouse under the yarn pic and clicking the trashcan. 3. Casey has been working to get Ravelry to work in IE- he thinks he got the majority of bugs so let him know if you are an Internet Explorer user and notice anything strange. 4. He also started putting together more stash stuff: you can now mark yarn as: "stashed, used up, willing to trade/ sell, traded/ tossed) We are hoping to have a kind of market area where all the marked yarn shows up for sale or trade. We just put that up tonight so let us know what you think. 5. I am working on connecting some pictures on the site- you may have some messages from me requesting to use your project image as the official photo for the pattern on Ravelry. You do not have to feel obligated to say okay but it does help the site be more helpful for searching for patterns if there are pictures, obviously. 6. Casey updated the yarn dyers/ spinners portfolio pages. You guys can now add your logo, yarn website and description to your yarn brand pages. Don't forget that you can also add pictures in for your individual yarns from Flickr and you can edit your yarn information as well. 7. Some of you have asked if we will be doing anything for spinners and we definitely will be doing that soon... Adding fiber to stash, more handspun info, etc. Any suggestions on what else is needed? So that is about it! We will be updating a little more often so I don't have these super long posts... Oh one last thing! Casey and I have been just blown away by the support and encouragement- thanks so much. We are so happy to have people in here and enjoying the site! We will be giving out some more invitations fairly soon so think if there is anyone else you know who would be interested in helping...

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