Tiny November Update

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Whoa.. We've been MIA for a while. Things have been a bit crazy over here in Ravelry-land. We've got *tons* of users now, we finally launched our extra-special and still-very-beta advertising system and we have been madly packing and shipping the thousands of beta T-shirts that we sold in September and October. When will Ravelry be out of beta, you ask? We don't have a date set. When we feel like Ravelry is "ready" the front gate (login page) will go away and anyone will be able to wander around the site and check it out without creating an account. There isn't any reason to wait for that though - add your name to the list and get in sooner. Becoming a Ravelry member costs nothing! We're still churning out the invitations - 700ish invites are going out per day. It won't be long before people will only have to wait for a few days after adding their name to the list. We now have 35,500 users and 265,000+ projects in Ravelry (175,000 of these are FOs with photos!). Holy mackerel.

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