Thursday Tip: I Bought A Pattern - How Do I Get To It Again?

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It’s a lot of work to find the perfect pattern for your project and when you do you’ll never want to lose it. That’s why when you purchase a pattern on Ravelry, you have access to it forever. So, just how do you get back to that pattern you bought last month or last year? Read on to find out 5 different ways.


Your Email Receipt

When you purchase a pattern on Ravelry, after your Paypal payment clears you’ll be emailed a receipt with a link to download the pattern.  These emails come from and the title is the name of the designer and your PDF downloads if you need a hint on how to search for them in your inbox.


Your Library

Your library can be found in your notebook and is a repository of all the patterns you’ve purchased on Ravelry, as well as books, magazines, etc that you have marked that you own.  All the patterns you purchase are stored there.

Get to your library by clicking on your username in the top right corner of the screen and then clicking the library icon.  Once in your library you can search and sort your library to find the pattern – click on it and start your download.


Your Purchases

There’s another notebook section that houses the Ravelry purchases you make – your purchases.  One caveat is that only purchases you make while logged into Ravelry will show up in your purchases.  If you happen to buy a pattern while not logged in you still have your email receipt and can add it to your notebook, but it won’t show under your purchases.

The purchases section can be found in the side navigation of the notebook.  Scroll down to the pattern you want to download and click on the name to be taken to a receipt where you can access the PDF.


The Pattern Page

If you find yourself back on the pattern page of a pattern you’ve purchased, that’s a great way to access the PDF as well.  Click the in my library icon on the right and then click in  library on the resulting pop-up and you’re in business.


Your Project Page

If you’ve made a project with your pattern and made a project page in Ravelry, that’s another easy way to get back to your PDF.  Just under the pattern name is a link in my library and clicking it brings up a pop-up where you can download the pattern.


So there you have it, 5 easy ways to get back to your PDF pattern after your initial purchase.  Have fun checking out your previous buys and approaching them anew or again.

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