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Several bloggers have posted things like "I don't want to take photos of all my projects and stash so an organizing site like Ravelry is not for me" or "Ravelry is a social site with forums and friending and all that - *so NOT my thing*". I hope that we can change your mind! We're not just for organization and we're not just for socializing. Here is one little example.. Let's say that you are an antisocial, disorganized crafter ;) who wants to make Stef Japel's Orangina. (I picked this one cause it's at the top of the 'Popular Tanks/Camisoles' page). Maybe you'd like to see what people's finished objects look like? Take a peek at what Orangina looks like with different yarns/different colorways? Why not swing on over to Ravelry where we've currently got 108,000 photos of 62,000 projects from our users. Here is a screenshot from the Orangina page: (Hey guys - sorry that I put your boobs on the Internets)

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