Rhinebeck Gratitude

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It took me a while to get to this post- I have been in a bit of a post- Rhinebeck slump and Casey is in deadline mode. It is okay though because this past weekend was SO much fun! First a big old thank you to all the Ravelers and friends who made it to the two meetups on Saturday and Sunday and to the big party on Saturday night! It really was so awesome to meet people in person- we both felt the Ravelry love in abundance. I felt so happy walking around the festival and seeing everyone wearing their Ravelry buttons with their usernames! Dsc 0008 It made it feel like a big fiber-filled, happy reunion. We can't wait to go to more festivals and fiber events so that we can meet more Ravelers! Our party on Saturday night went so well, I had to pinch myself. Casey and I got up on the chairs to do our welcome speech and say thank you to our wonderful sponsors and this is what we saw: Img 2243 Img 2244 I almost fell off the chair. Everyone was so happy and supportive and thrilled to be there. Okay, they may have been lubricated with the open bar that our awesome sponsors provided. ;) Party Sponsors HUGE thanks to our main sponsors, WEBS and Blue Moon Fiber Arts and our partner sponsors Berroco and The Loopy Ewe. We really couldn't have had the party if it wasn't for the support of these great people. We were especially happy to have these sponsors because they have been supporting the site since the very beginning. Thank you also to the folks that donated awesome prizes to our giveaway raffle: Finally, I want to give big hugs to Team Ravely. We could not have done any of it without your help! Steve for doing all the behind the scenes prep work for the party, Maya, Nichole, Erica and Kyle for handing out buttons and t-shirts at the festival, for making the party details all come together, and generally just keeping everything flowing smoothly. I don't think they had any idea how busy we would be and Casey and I are so grateful. Thank you also to BunnySquirrel Jess, Booksherpa Jen, and Suzanne17 for your help with the t-shirt pickup on Saturday and at the party. These three are totally awesome in the Ravelry Help! Chat and they were just as helpful in person. I made a Ravelry Events group on Flickr- so if you have pictures of the party and the meetups, post them here! (I also have a Flickr set of the rest of my Rhinebeck pictures here and I am going to post on my personal blog with my fiber haul very soon. Squish!) Next year, we need a bigger venue for our party! I can't wait.

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