Ravelry Blog- yay!

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Hi Everyone! It's Jess! I am going to use this blog space to keep our wonderful guinea pigs beta testers up on all the new features Casey adds every day and other updates. I hope this is a good way to do it- I know I don't need any more emails popping up in my box. Yes/ no? So last night, our first real night of updates since our Mexico vacation, Casey was busy updated the following: -People page -Project Notebook Page Cleanups
  • looks a little better for editing
  • more details are shown when viewing other people's notebooks
  • added colorway and color family (project spectrum?)
  • added made for (thanks Nikol)
(Since we added a few new fields, those of you who have been with us for a while will need to go back and fill in the information for already entered projects- sorry guys!) -Added this news blog Also, I noticed that a bunch of you are not using the smileys and stars for rating projects and yarns... It is my favorite part so check it out! (all found in the project details pages) Please subscribe to this feed so we can keep you as updated as possible! As always, we really appreciate your help!! HUGS!

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