Quick Status Update

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I wanted to our next update post to include pics of some cool new (and coming soon) improvements to the site but that will have to wait. The Harlot blogged about us a couple days ago and people want to know what's up, so here is a little something...
  • Number of people in Ravelry: 4054
  • Number of unclaimed invites: 791
  • Number of people on the waiting list: 9802
  • (and a fun one) Number of project photos in Ravelry: 85,491
The invitations that went out this morning were from May 18th signups. We're planning on sending out about 1200 invites during the next week - that will bring us up to May 28th. We're adding people as fast as we can! I wish that we could let all 9800 of you in, but Jess and I are working 7 days a week to get Ravelry open to the public and adding tons of people to the site will only hurt us and slow us down. (We were originally shooting for 1000 beta testers!) Thank you all for your patience! We know that all of the chatter from excited Ravelers makes it hard to wait! Here is one quick screenshot - it's the new pattern browsing showing the 516 baby projects (with photos) that people have made. From here, you can click to move on to the pattern page, check out FOs and project notes, read blog posts, and so on. (Scroll down to #7 on the sneak peek page to see what I mean.)

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