Quick August Update

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A quick update for you guys - here is what is going on over in Ravelry-land. We are up to 7,162 users and 85,001 projects and there are 15,432 people on the waiting list. To repeat what I said in a previous post, we can't really speed up the invites until we move from our beta environment to our real servers. This should happen during the next few weeks. It's hard enough to add ~1200 people a week and I'm hoping to do a quick upgrade today so that we don't have to slow down the invites. Oh, I'm also proud to report that *more than half* of our users have used Ravelry within the last 24 hours - that's pretty cool. We must be doing something right :) Jess and I are working day and night to get the site up and open - don't think that we're just sitting here having coffee with the people who have been invited and making you guys wait! Ravelry has become an amazing community and a truly useful resource and we wish that we were ready for all of you today. At the moment I'm focusing on fixing bugs and setting up some special features for advertisers (Advertisers - don't contact us quite yet!). I think that I said I was working on these things last week, but this time I mean it! It's just so hard to stop making improvements to the site. A few people asked for more screenshots.... Here is one - hopefully it will tide you over until next time. This is the front of the new "pattern source" page - every book, magazine, pamphlet, and website has a page like this. From here you can find related groups, browse designer pages, search and browse user projects, view all of the patterns that are inside the book (or magazine, site, etc) and participate in forum threads that are related to the patterns. Each pattern has it's own detailed page - I think that there are pictures of that in the old screenshot tour.

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