Our stories strengthen us and keep us safe

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This Pride Month, we're hoping to create a little bit of togetherness during these pandemic times by sharing queer art and promoting charities that are aligned with the LGBTQ community. This is the second installment of three.

The second piece is by Archie Bongiovanni. Archie has published monthly comics on Autostraddle since 2014, they have created comics for The Nib, and they co-authored A Quick and Easy Guide to They/Them Pronouns.  If you like their Autostraddle strips,  you should pick up a copy  of the collection, Grease Bats. It's funny and relatable and it made me miss hanging out outside of my house with other people.

For the next 10 days, 30% of Ravelry's pattern sales fees will be donated to Archie's charity of choice, Take Action Minnesota.  An additional 10% will be donated to the local LGBTQ youth center that we support (NAGLY).  If you have the ability, please consider giving to your local organizations that support LGBTQ youth!  If you are in the US, Lambda Legal has this list of organizations that you might consider: Resources for LGBTQ Youth By State

A laptop opened to a zoom montage of queer friends who are hanging out and having fun. The keyboard reads "Happy Pride".

The title of this post was taken from an interview with Drae that was printed in Trans New York.

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