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The site is organized into several sections. The first is the Notebook and it includes:
  1. A free, clear and concise index of all your knitting and/or crochet projects. In this section, you can coordinate each work in progress and finished object with the yarn you used, the pattern designer and source, needle/ hook sizes you used, date you started and completed the project, and link it to related groups on Ravelry. You can also attach blog posts to a project, as well as enter pictures and additional notes. You can look at all your projects in a gallery or spreadsheet view, and in the future you will be able to export this to an excel spreadsheet (soon!). If there is interest, we can also develop have a function that will allow you to bind your finished objects in a beautiful book!
  2. A project queue. Finally, something better than a bookmark folder! You can track, tag, and rank the patterns that you would like to do in the future, including notes on the recipient, the "done by" date, and the yarn you might use. You can print out an individual project or your entire queue (including yarn requirements) for a trip to the yarn store or a fiber festival.
  3. Stash Inventory. Admitting you have a problem is the first step toward recovery. ;) In this section you can enter pictures of your yarn and keep track of dye lots, colorways, and number of skeins, and see it all in a gallery or spreadsheet view.
  4. Needle/ Hook Inventory. Keep track of your knitting needles and crochet hooks, and print out the inventory as a handy wallet card - we want to help keep you from buying four sets of the same exact needle or your 15th size f crochet hook!
  5. Friends. In this section, you can see what your friends have been working on, what yarns they have added to their stash, and what projects they have added to their queue. You can keep posted on the progress of their projects - the Friends' Activity Tab will show you every time one of your Ravelry friends adds a new photo to a project! (You can also subscribe to this information by rss feed.)
  6. Blogs. You can connect entries from your blog to specific projects in Ravelry - once your blog is linked to your profile, Ravelry automatically connects a blog post to your Ravelry project page when you include a link to the project in your entry. Just like magic!
  7. Favorites. Like the Flickr favorites section, you can use this tab to track other users' projects that inspire you, as well as stash, patterns, designers, yarn brands, and ads.
  8. Message other Ravelers from all over the world! (And Ravelry chat features are coming soon!)
Ravelry offers more than a Notebook for your own information, you can also take advantage of the all-access parts of the site:
  1. Browse for patterns by tags, pattern type, gauge, rating, difficulty, designer, yardage required, etc.
  2. Search for yarns by fiber content, gauge, producer/ dyer, popularity. (More coming to this section soon!)
  3. Discuss patterns, yarns, techniques, and Ravelry in our forums and in Ravelry groups. You can use "magic links" to link back into the pattern and yarn entries in Ravelry so information will be easy to find. Also, use this section to talk about new features and suggestions for Ravelry: For the Love of Ravelry. Go there to check out what other Ravelers have suggested!
  4. Browse the knitalong and crochetalong directory. You can enter your own -along (in your project notebook) or participate in someone else's. (-Along website admins and pattern designers will be able to track participants without having to enter all the info themselves.)
  5. Track the fiber events going on in your area. (More in this section coming soon!)
And more content is being added every day! Send us your ideas!

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