Invites Open!!

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Hi, everyone! I just wanted to say a huuuuge THANK YOU to all of you for helping us get our baby website on its feet! We have come such a long way in a short time and it is all because of you guys! We are at the point now that we would like to take another step toward opening the website for good: we have given each of you 3 invitations to share with your friends. The only thing we ask is to use these invites carefully- we really need people at this point who have the time and interest to use the site. You can find your invitations on the top right corner of the header in Ravelry, by the logout button. Oh- and a couple boring bits: - Please don't forget to rate the patterns and yarns in your project detail pages- we noticed that some people are not using them... You can find them in the boxes to the right of your project info- it brings the boxes up as soon as you have saved a project with a pattern and yarn. - If you have not done so already, please subscribe to this Ravelry news blog using your favorite newsreader (Bloglines, Google Reader, etc) at Casey and I hope is a much better way for us to keep you guys updated on new features and news, rather than sending e-mails. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know! We really appreciate everyone's feedback. Thank you! We are so excited to see some more new faces!!! :)

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