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Thank you so much for helping us whip the pattern info into shape- you guys rock! Very important: The column with the Ravelry icon [r] (5th from left) indicates whether the designer of that pattern is on Ravelry. If the designer is here, and you notice a problem with that pattern, please just flag them for me- don't edit yourself! I have given those designer control over their own pattern info and would rather that I step on toes than you guys. This includes missing photos! (Thanks!) If you are just wandering around Ravelry, you will have editing privileges in patterns and pattern source pages. (click on the pencil to edit) Please try to watch out for the designers that are on Ravelry though!

So, how do you get started?
You should bookmark the Admin page since you will probably be coming here often to merge and group edit. Click on the Patterns tab next and enter in pattern info in the box. (pattern name, source, designer, etc.) An idea: go through your own books, patterns, Ravelry queue, favorites and projects- fill in missing information. What information should you enter?
(Try to fill out every field the best that you can) - Pattern description- the text box is below the 'size shown field'. Click on the box and it will turn into a text editor. (Make a description up or quote from the pattern source- I usually write something like, "Description from" or something like that) - Don't forget the cost information to the right in the pattern details screen. (plug in cost in US dollars for now.) If the pattern is available immediately, I have been clicking on the 'downloadable' button- we may need to change that to a different word. - Yardage: We are really using this field as a general guideline- not to replace the pattern's info. I calculate the minimum and maximum yardage and plug those into the two yardage boxes. (multiply the yardage of one skein by the # of skeins for the smallest and largest size) - Plugging yarn info into patterns usually brings up problems in the yarn data as well. Casey has some ideas to clean up a lot of the yarn data but in the meantime, if you notice a problem there, please flag that yarn. You should also enter a new yarn in if you think that another Raveler would be interested in that information. I usually end up googling for yarn information- try to find reputable and up-to-date sources. Pattern Sources: - I have tried to set the following standard for pattern sources (and sources need a lot of help!) Interweave Knits, Winter 2005. Knitty, Spring 2007, etc. (MagKnits has not been changed to this standard and some of Knitty is still grouped in one section) - Please set source types (message shows up in the Admin spreadsheet in red, "pattern source does not have type set") Click on the source in the admin spreadsheet and it will bring you to a screen where you can mark it as 'website', 'magazine', etc. Casey called the pattern books (like yarn company books, designer books) "pamphlets" If there is a website, you can enter the site's url in that screen. Images:
- Image missing? Check to if Ravelers have knit the pattern and if there is a good representative photo (please be picky!) click the Request Pattern Photo button in the photo browser. If no Ravelers have knit the item, or the picture does not show the pattern very well, just leave it without the photo and mark the pattern as approved. I am going to be going through and adding photos where I can. Duplicates
- If you notice duplicates (and you will!), go to the Admin screen and click the checkbox for each pattern. Then click the 'merge selected patterns' button. It will bring you to a merging screen and you just need to click the button of the most correct pattern. If there is still information missing, please fill it in the best that you can. Finally, the last step should always be clicking the approve button (green check on far right column) in the Admin screen saying that you approve this pattern entry. If a pattern is flagged and you have corrected the issue, once you click that approve button it will no longer be flagged. Thanks so much, yet again. I will edit this page if I have any updates to this information. mwah!! Jessica

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