Catching our breath...

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Won't it be nice when everyone has been invited and Ravelry is open to the public? Once that happens, I can use this space to write about new and exciting things that we are doing with the site. If you are in Ravelry and you don't use the forums, be sure to check out the For the Love of Ravelry board at least once in a while. (What? You weren't looking in there? Did you know about the radar? How about browsing FOs by color? Did you see the coffee mugs and steins of beer and wonder where they were coming from?) To answer a frequently asked question - Yes! Once Ravelry is open, everyone will be able to browse the site. You will not need an account unless you'd like to have your own notebook (for projects, stash, etc), post in the forums, add comments to projects, that sort of thing. Accounts will be *free* and we hope that most of you will want to participate instead of just lurking. The usual list of numbers: We are still churning out the invites and it's getting a bit crazy over here. The emails, forum posts, and chat messages are raining down on us but we are surviving. [ I really wanted to say something that included "blot out the sun" because Jess is in love with 300, but I couldn't make it fit. ] Anyway... We've sent out 4650 invitations since last Monday, October 1st. Waiting list sign ups are not slowing down *at all* but the invite rate is faster than the sign up rate, so there is no reason for the newly-enlisted to despair. We are up to nearly 21,000 users and at one point today we saw 643 people using Ravelry during the same 5 minute window. As far as usage goes, we've served up 5.5 million page views since Oct 1st. I almost feel bad! You guys *are* finding time to knit, crochet, eat, and sleep, right? Oh, and Jess and I will be at Rhinebeck in a couple weeks - we hope to see you there! Hopefully we'll take a few photos while we are at the festival so that we can post something other than a Bob picture. I hope that you all aren't too tired of Bob yet, I just have to add a little something to liven up this post!

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