Blogs and Ravelry hook up- scandal!

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Casey set up a little tool to enable Ravelry to talk with your blogs! Now when you log in to Ravelry, it should give you a message underneath the toolbar in your Notebook that you have blog posts to attach to particular projects. You can also do this by going to the Blog Posts tab in your Notebook. After April 1, (when we have Ravelry open for business) you can just post a link to your project in a blog post and Ravelry will pick it up. Like magic! Casey is busy working on some not so exciting, but much needed update: adding more than one yarn to projects. He wanted to work on a fancy-shmancy photo slideshow thing but sometimes code monkey does not get what he wants. Poor Code Monkey. [Update: Casey put in the changes to make it possible to add more than one yarn to a project. You may encounter some bugs- let us know if you do and we will fix it asap!]

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