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Casey and I are leaving for the airport in a little bit- me to go to Maryland Sheep and Wool (woohoo!) and Casey to visit his friend in Baltimore. So... our internet connection throughout the weekend will be spotty at best. Everyone play nice now, ya hear? :) One quick request: We really do want to hear feedback and suggestions on the site but it would really help us out if you could send us just one email for the weekend. Keep the window open and add a few things at a time... That would help enormously. Some people had some questions about invitations. Casey and I will be inviting more folks from the invite request list sometime next week. The list is very long (2,000 people!!) so it may be a little bit before we assign you guys more invitations to give out. We also want to be fair to the people that have signed up for an invitation. (Although your beta tester invites will still be fully operational while we are gone.) Please come say hi if you are at Maryland- I will be there with my Ravelry tote bag and have some Ravelry buttons to give out!! Oh and please know that we tried to respond to all the emails and suggestions that you guys sent us- if you didn't hear a response, we read your message and will certainly get back to you as soon as we can! One quick thing, please also check out the information on the front page in the "help! help! where am I?" box, some of your questions can be answered there. (I know there is a lot of text but please do read them.) Thanks so much everyone! Casey and I have just been blown away by the support of the community- I cried yesterday because I was so happy.

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