Away for the weekend

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Jess and I are taking the weekend off. Hooray!

Our 2nd wedding anniversary is Monday, June 25th and we're heading up to Ogunquit, Maine for 2 nights. (Hi readers! Thanks for all of the destination suggestions.)

We probably won't be checking our email at all. I know that the beta testers will behave and the server will take care of any unruly processes by itself, so we'll be relaxing and thinking about things other than Ravelry for a change.

An important note: there are several outstanding bugs and I don't think that there are many (or any) issues that haven't been uncovered. If you could hold on to any bug reports and wait until we get back and catch up, we'd sure appreciate it. Our email is a constant battle... Also, if you are new try searching the forums - you'll might find that your issue has already been reported and there may be a workaround (such as "install Firefox" haha).

Invites will go out today but tomorrow's will be delayed. We are up to 3063 users, 682 unclaimed invitations, and 7303 people on the waiting list. The invitations going out today will be from May 10th signups.

Don't despair if it seems like your invitation will never arrive - one more week until we are both working on Ravelry full time!

See you later! Casey and Jess

quick update : we are leaving now and we didn't get through all of our email - there is a lot of unanswered mail from yesterday and a few stragglers from earlier. We'll get back to you when we return - sorry!

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