And we're back!

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You guys have sure been busy in here- so great to see everyone adding projects and using the site. :) I had so much fun in Maryland- thanks to all the Ravelers who came over to say hello. It was awesome to walk around the festival seeing all the buttons! Few quick notes here before I fall asleep on my keyboard: 1. One thing that would help us out enormously is if you guys could use the forum to keep track of bugs and ideas for Ravelry. I am spending a lot of my time taking emails from you guys and reordering them into categories. It would be awesome if you could use the Ravelry topic in the forum to categorize things for me- at least until we get a new system in place. (Thanks for the idea, Kelly Sue!) 2. I have heard from a couple people that the natives out in blogland are getting restless- getting upset that it is taking longer than they would like to get into Ravelry. We would be so grateful if you could assure anyone you hear getting grumpy that we are inviting people every day and we really appreciate their patience. The list of requests topped out at 3,000 this evening. Casey is doing the best he can to get everything ready for that large a group on here but he does work a full time day job and is staying up every night until the wee hours as it is. Maybe we should have had you guys wait a bit longer before posting on your blogs about the site but, honestly, we never realized how quickly the idea would catch on! Dealing with bugs in a new website is not fun and I am surprised that many people would want to deal with it. Anyway... Live and learn. 3. Finally, I was wondering if any of my fellow Type A's would be willing to help out here as a Moderator. A couple weeks ago, I was able to keep up with the influx of pattern and yarn info- making sure the information was correct and as complete as it could be, clearing up duplicates, etc. Now, though, it is too big for me to handle on my own. So, do any of you have any time to help moderate the pattern and yarn info? We will be adding more moderation tools very soon and I just thought I would get the question out there. If you would like to help out, and are anal, ahem, detail- oriented, please go to this thread and let me know! Thanks so much, everybody! We really appreciate all the feedback and emails- we are doing our best to respond as quickly as we can.

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