A new arrival!

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We are pleased to announce the newest addition to our little team! ...drum roll please...

onestitchshort Sarah!

Before we let Sarah tell you all a little about herself, we'd like to send a final thank you out to everyone who applied for the Community Support position. So many *amazing* Ravelers applied for the position and although 1500+ applications were a lot to go through, we truly enjoyed learning a little bit more about each of you. Thank you all for the time and energy that you put into applying. The process was a lot of work for both us and the applicants but it was also fun and educational. Our only regret is that choosing one person meant that we had to turn so many great people down. We were so lucky to have so many incredible, enthusiastic candidates. Sarah is a creative and dedicated customer support professional. She's a fantastic communicator and is joining our team with fresh eyes and new ideas, but is also a long-time Ravelry user who really understands the vision and tone of the site. We are so happy to welcome her to Team Ravelry! Once Sarah gets settled and has helped us out with a few immediate things you can expect to see a lot of her. She'll be actively involved and talking with you all in the forums, email, and other spots just like the three of us. Without further ado - here is a video message and a short bio from Sarah: Sarah: A little bit about me… I grew up watching my mom crochet and knit, but I resisted learning how until about eight years ago when I decided to try crocheting. My mom spied my crochet project when she was visiting and decided that I should learn to knit, too, so I can help her with the family stockings that she knits each new member of our family. The rest, as they say, is history. I was completely hooked! When I’m not playing with yarn, you can find me chasing my toddler around the house or the playground, cycling with the husband or snuggling on the couch with my miniature schnauzer, Mr. T-Bone (pictured below). Yes, while it wasn’t a requirement, we have a new cute dog on Team Ravelry! I love Ravelry and I am super excited to get to work with each of you in this new role! Want to leave a comment or a welcome for Sarah?

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