Upcoming Meetups & Travel!

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The fall is promising to be another busy season here at Ravelry!  We are finalizing our plans for October and in the meantime are preparing for some really fun events in September. First up, Mary-Heather is teaming with Oodles Yarn and Bead Gallery and Jane Thornley to host a meetup in  Santa Fe, New Mexico this Saturday, September 5th.   It will take place after the workshop that Jane is teaching at the store.  Here is the Ravelry Event listing for this meetup where you can RSVP and see more information!  Come by and meet some NM Ravelers and get a Ravelry button from Mary-Heather! Next, Casey and I will be traveling to Germany to attend the Germany Ravelry Meetup on September 12th in Backnang, Baden-Wurttemberg. We will be around all day on Saturday and I will be participating in one of the classes with my friend Julie, who is living in Heidelberg.  I can't wait to check out the market and see some German yarn!  For more information, check out the group and RSVP here! In the evening on Saturday, we will be hanging out from about 6:30 pm at Kunberger Aura in Backnang.  We are not able to come back for the 2nd day of the Meetup on Sunday so we thought we'd take some time that night to meet everyone we missed during the day on Saturday.  The event page for the after hours meetup is here, where you can find the address and other information!   (Backnang photos by Christian Heindel) After the meetup in Backnang, we are doing some travel around Germany and into Alsace, France with Julie and Adam- I think we will be stopping for a few nights.  We will probably organize a meetup while we are in France if there is any interest and I will edit this post if we have more information about that!  (UPDATE! Here is the event page for the Ravelry Meetup in Strasbourg, Alsace!) Once we have exhausted Alsace's supply of cheese, wine and onion tarts, we will be heading back to Heidelberg and will have a meetup on September 19th around 6pm. You can see more details and RSVP here! Thank you so much to all the organizers of these events for being so welcoming to us and for working so hard on these meetups!  We can't wait!! Comments

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