Unwind & TNNA!

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We had a great time at Unwind on our trip out of the cold into sunny California!  The Unwind party is always packed and full of fun people to meet and things to see.  This year was no exception!  Unwind had special guests Classic Elite there showing everyone their newest yarns and patterns and Shannon Okey signing her newest book.  It was Shannon's birthday, so we also go to sing to her and enjoy her yummy cake.  Our favorite part was meeting (and seeing again) so many of the people who make up our Ravelry community! Untitled While in Burbank, we had to stop off and get some Pinkberry! A trip to Pinkberry (or two or three) has become one of our TNNA traditions. We're always happy to get it but sad when the bowl is empty. Untitled We also had a great time at the TNNA industry trade show this year.  From meeting some new dyers to seeing new yarns, books and patterns, it's always exciting to see our industry continue to grow and change. Keep an eye out for some great patterns, yarns and other accessories coming soon to your local and online yarn shops! **Since we know you'll want to know about the knits, in the photos at the top, Ysolda and I are both wearing sweaters from her upcoming book, Little Red in the City. Comments

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