This Week in Ravelry #48

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This Week in Ravelry #48 is out! TWIR Banner This Week in Ravelry is a community published newspaper that is all about - you guessed it - Ravelry! If you haven't yet read TWIR, you're missing out on helpful news, tips and tricks, links to funny and useful posts from all over the site, and even our very own Auntie Bubbopants advice column. We are so grateful to all the group members and moderators (phoenix, timiat, bubbo, bunnysquirrel, cherryred8, everknowledge, Froddopsycho, lusciousluka, Poochita, ShannonAnn, and rewselene) for their hard work and dedication each week as they create each issue. Thank you so much! :) If you'd like to contribute to TWIR (that would make you a TWIRP - This Week in Ravelry Person), check out the group! Everyone is welcome to join. Comments...

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