The Bobbys

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Ravelry users! Have you voted in the Bobbys yet?

The Bobbys are the unofficial Ravelry awards that were dreamed up and brought to you by kateyj, crazycatladymel, InvisibleInsanity, Jesh, knit2gether, knitintensity, rewselene, Sherrie, smittenknitten. You can vote for each category on the Bobbys group page. We just mailed 30 pounds of secret Ravelry prizes to kateyj (that's 13.6 kg in metric-lands, 4.9 lbs on the moon). You know that you want your favorites to get the goodies, so go and vote! Polls will close January 28, 2008 at midnight Boston time! The lucky winners will get recognition, secret goodies, and a whole year of Ravelry-fame.

The Categories for the 2007 Bobby Awards are...

  • Best Captioned Image
  • Best Free Pattern
  • Best Group Banner (artistic)
  • Best Group Name (creative)
  • Best KAL/CAL
  • Best Moderator
  • Craziest Stash
  • Funniest Ravatar
  • Funniest Forum Tag
  • Funniest Project Tags
  • Funniest Single Post
  • Funniest Thread
  • Funniest Ugh! Picture
  • Most Colorful Project
  • Most Creative Use Of Food Icons In One Post
  • Most Educational Crocheter
  • Most Educational Editor
  • Most Educational Knitter
  • Most Educational Ravelry Helper
  • Most Educational Spinner
  • Most Likely Was The Class Clown
  • Most Original Use Of The Word ‘Bob’
  • Most Original User Name
  • Most Projects With No Zzz’s
  • Most Ravelry Love In One Post
  • Most Tempting Ad
  • Most Unusual Project
  • Raveler Who Changes Their Ravatar the Most


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