Thank you!

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As of 9:04 Eastern time today, Ravelry is out of debt! Thanks to the generous donations that we have received from 4,794 Ravelers over the past year, all of our startup expenses are now paid off and we are in the black! Our users are the best! Thank you so much everybody! On top of that, we've been able to purchase a much needed additional server. If you've noticed that invites have slowed during the last few days, have no fear - help is on the way. HUGE thanks to Julie Frick and all of the people who are participating in the Ravelraising - more than 25% of our total donations have come during the last 5 days. We've also got to thank our 400+ advertisers - you guys are keeping us going. Thank you so much for supporting us. Excuse the goofy picture - it is hard to use the self-timer when there is a dog involved! Comments

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