Search Inspiration: Patternless Projects

Posted by maryheatherb on
Screenshot of the Ravelry Project Advanced Search, filtered to view projects that are not linked to patterns, with a happiness rating of 4 (our highest) and filtered for projects with photos.

I've always loved browsing our Project Search and applying various filters to see what Ravelers are making. One project search that is always a feast for the eyes is searches for projects that aren't connected to a pattern (using our linked to pattern -> no filter). As always, you can customize what you are seeing even further with our other search filters, as I've done with the linked search by selecting the highest happiness rating for projects and filtering only for projects with photos. Seeing the incredible range of what Ravelers create is so inspiring - click through to take a look!

Ravelry Project Search filters: happiness with project: 4, has photo: yes, and linked to a pattern: no

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