handwoven highlights

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Hanging woven towels in bright geometric patterns with cerulean and navy blue, grass and lime green, yellow, and cream.
gaievans's Mediterranean Twill

Browsing weaving projects on Ravelry always inspires me. Although I have very little experience with weaving, seeing the beautiful projects from seasoned weavers always always makes me hope to spend more time creating with my loom. For today’s Eye Candy, I'm sharing a few of my favorite recently completed weaving projects.

From left to right: jsandell's Rainbow Diamond and Feather Towels, Norwichweaver's John Madison table runners, and DomerJen's Friendship Towels - Run 8.

These woven sets of towels are singastory's Springtime Stripe canvas Weave towels, corvid's Bumberet Blues, and joannethreadhead's Four Blocks on Four Shafts: Summer & Winter Towels.

a cat lies happily, paws crossed, on a loom with sunshined-colored weaving project in progress
ggggbbybby's Rainbow Crackle Blankets: cat approved! (a very high honor in my opinion)

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