Rhinebeck Rocked!

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We had an amazing time at New York Sheep and Wool this year- there really aren't even words!  I think all of us that attended are still recovering... I know I am!  Thanks to everyone who participated in our meetups and party- we had so much fun! It was definitely the coldest Rhinebeck that I have ever attended- there were warm handmade objects everywhere you looked and the fall colors couldn't have been more beautiful. 1. Checking in!, 2. Ravelry's awesome party sponsors, 3. Nichole's pretty sweater & scarf, 4. The garland, 5. Whole Group, 6. Cosmicpluto & Gleek, 7. prize drawing, 8. Casey in the VLT, 9. Bob cupcakes!, 10. maryheather, 11. Ann, Kay & Nancy, 12. She looks warm!, 13. Spinnin', 14. Kinnearing!, 15. Fire!, 16. Bev, MH and Scout. Um yeah- that is all I have to say about that., 17. Sunday Ravelry Meetup, 18. Welcome table, 19. So are Nichole & Erica, 20. time to head home!, 21. Us Three, 22. Stephen gets a bit carried away, 23. Maryse blew up a lot of ballons. A LOT., 24. SO many prizes!, 25. Team Rav! Ready for the party!, 26. No-raffle Ravelry winners, 27. Pied Piper MH, 28. Caro and Minty, 29. Bobcakes!, 30. Raffle hopefuls (These photos and more can be found on our Ravelry Events flickr pool!) The party on Saturday night was a huge success!  Even HUGER than we ever expected!  :)  Our estimation is that around 650 Ravelers and their families joined us at the Elks Lodge.  Everyone was so cheerful and respectful of each other- even when we had to move cars from the street.  The Elks Lodge is even excited to host us again next year and are thinking of ways we can improve the party! Again, we'd like to say a big thank you to our wonderful sponsors: Quiviut Sponsor: Yarnmarket.com Cashmere Sponsors: Namaste, Fabulous Yarn, Socktopus, Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm, and WEBS Merino Sponsors:  Bijou Basin Ranch, Schaefer Yarn, Dodge Creations, Knitch, Knitting Out Loud, Creatively Dyed Yarn, The Loopy Ewe, Sixth & Spring Books, and the Tsock Flock Club 2009. We couldn't have hosted this awesome party without you guys!  (Visit those links and support our sponsors!) We had some fun project bags printed up, designed by my friend Julie at symposi.com.  The sponsors provided some coupons and and goodies.  The reaction from Ravelers at the party was so positive that I think we will print some up for the regular Ravelry store!   We also had some wonderful items for the door prizes from Applelaine, Bijou Basin Ranch, Briar Rose Fibers, Classic Elite, Cocoknits, Crochet Today, Debby Ware, Designs by Romi, Dodge Creations, Knit Picks, Knitspot (with Briar Rose Fibers, Shivaya Naturals, Woolen Rabbit, and Knitting Notions), Knitting Out Loud, Martha's Vineyard Fiber Farm, Material Whirled, njstacie’s etsy shop, Namaste, Philosopher’s Wool, Sassafras Creations, Schaefer Yarn, Sixth & Spring Books, Splityarn, Spunky Eclectic, Storm Moon Knits, Tactile Travel, The Painted Sheep, Tsock Flock Club 2009, and WEBS.  (I hope I didn't forget anyone!) DellaQ also donated 400 zip pouches and Soak gave us hundreds of mini soak wash samples! We also had two great meetups during the day on Saturday and Sunday- here are two group shots! People even brought cupcakes and cookies!  It was really fun to get everyone together- we even shocked the festival organizer that MH and I had worked with before the festival.  He was very surprised at how many people we assembled- glad we got a nice big space this year! Finally, I would also like to personally thank our friends and family for helping us throughout the weekend- Team Rav worked tirelessly to hand out buttons and sharpies, running errands, set up for the party, breaking down the party, welcoming everyone and generally keeping Casey, Mary-Heather and me sane.  Thank you so much, Cheryl, Danielle, Caro, Erica, Chelsea, Nichole, Lara, Maryse, Maya, Steve, my brother, Kyle, and my Mom, Judy! If you have photos from Rhinebeck this weekend or any other Ravelry event or meetup, please add it to our Ravelry Events pool on flickr!  It is really fun to go through those pictures! Comments!

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