Rhinebeck 2009

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We had an amazing time at New York Sheep and Wool again this year- I can't believe this is our third Rhinebeck since we started Ravelry. Time flies!  Thanks to everyone who participated in our meetups and party- we had so much fun! This festival had to have been the best showcase of hand crocheted and knit items that I have ever been to- and that is saying something as I have been to a lot of wooly events!  It may have been because we were freezing but, man, did we look good.  ;) The Ravelry party on Saturday night was an amazing success!  It was super chilly again this year but between the heaters, lots of wooly garments and bigger warm tents, we all had a great time! Our estimation is that around 550 Ravelers and their families joined us at the Elks Lodge but there was plenty of room to see friends.  Everyone did great with the shuttle bus to the larger parking lot down the street so thanks to everyone for your flexibility! Again, we'd like to say a big thank you to our wonderful sponsors:
Quiviut Sponsor: Yarnmarket.com Cashmere Sponsors:  Juniper Moon Fiber Farm, Unicorn Fibre, Namaste, and Loopsknitting.com Merino Sponsors:  Signature Needle Arts, Twist Collective, Bijou Basin Ranch, Lantern Moon, St. Denis, Gardiner Yarn Works, Knit Picks, The Loopy Ewe, Miss Babs, Classic Elite Yarns and Sandra Singh. We couldn't have hosted this awesome party without you!  (Please visit those links and support our sponsors!) There were some seriously great door prizes donated from the sponsors- lots of oohing and ahhing from the crowd as we announced the winners! We also had some fun giveaway project bags printed up, designed by my friend Julie at symposi.com.  The sponsors provided some coupons and goodies for inside the bags.   Like last year, the printed cupcakes were a big hit at the party!  This year, we chose a cupcake design to complement the project bags and sponsor poster- matchy matchy! Fun! Bob even made an appearance at the party and meetups this year!  This incredible Bob costume was made by  Ysolda with help from Laura- thanks so much you guys!  I am still laughing every time I see it. We also had two great meetups during the day on Saturday and Sunday- here are two group shots! Some Ravelers brought cupcakes and cookies to the meetups again this year- I think it is a rule that much fun is had when knitting and crochet, fun people and baked goods combine. :) Finally, I would also like to personally thank our friends and family for helping us throughout the weekend- Team Rav worked tirelessly to hand out buttons and sharpies, take photos, run errands (again and again!), set up for the party, put lights in porta potties, hang twinkle lights (and getting stabbed by said twinkle lights), break down the party, welcome everyone and generally helped to keep Casey, Mary-Heather, Sarah and me sane.  Thank you so much, Cirilia, Emily,  Eric, Nichole, Maryse, Nancy, Ronan, Cheryl, Laura, Ysolda, Kyle and Erica! If you have photos from Rhinebeck this weekend or any other Ravelry event or meetup, please add it to our Ravelry Events pool on flickr!  It is really fun to go through those pictures!  There is also the great Rhinebeck group where you can talk about what you bought and who you saw this past weekend! __ Cause I know you are going to ask... pattern links! Comments!

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