Ravelry at TNNA and Knitter's Connection

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We are just around the corner from two big events in Columbus, Ohio: the TNNA Summer Trade show (June 7 - 9) and Knitter's Connection (June 11 - 14). Casey, Jess, and I are going to be at both events, and we are really looking forward to them! We are even giving a presentation at the Knitter's Connection (more details below) and would love for as many Ravelers to come as possible! TNNA_logo_v2.jpg (JPEG Image, 930x480 pixels) Ravelry was at TNNA Long Beach back in January (actually - that is where I met Jess and Casey in person for the first time!); it is a great opportunity to meet other people in the industry, see what yarns and books and products are coming up, and talk about Ravelry. We're looking forward to this show - there is a focus on all the upcoming winter yarns. While the TNNA trade show isn't open to the general public, we know that there will be lots of Ravelers there! If you are going to be attending, and you see us walking around, please do say hi. It is always a blast to get to meet Ravelry users in person. Knitters Connection Website :: Welcome! Knitter's Connection is an event that brings together over 650 knitters for classes and a big marketplace. This year, Ravelry is going to be giving a presentation on Thursday, June 12, from 7:30 - 8:30 pm. If you are coming to the Knitter's Connection, please come and see us speak! We're having a lot of fun putting our presentation together for this event, and we know that having friendly Ravelry users in the audience will help us with our nerves. You can expect to get some fun behind-the-scenes Ravelry info, and we are definitely going to save some time to answer your questions, as well. Please check out the Knitter's Connection website for all the info you need - they have all the details about where to go and how to register. On Friday, we plan on enjoying the marketplace and meeting people there (and maybe even taking a class or two - there are so many!), so once again - if you see us, please do wave or say hello. In between the shows, we'll be staying in Columbus and working. If you are from the area and you have any suggestions for yummy food or places to see, please let us have 'em in the comments! For those of you in the area - we hope to see you in Ohio!  Comments

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