Ravellenics 2021: Summer of Crafting

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Group banner for the Ravellenic Games, created by Guin Thompson (Raveler octagonfudge)
Group banner for the Ravellenic Games, created by Guin Thompson (Raveler octagonfudge)

Would you like to challenge yourself by starting and finishing one or more projects during the Olympic Games time period? If so, come join the fun of the Ravellenic Games Ravelry group! This community-run event is a great big craft-along where each participant is making something that is a personal challenge to them. The goal of the Ravellenic Games is to support you in expanding your fiber crafting horizons and having fun while you do it!

Participation is simple:

  • Start a project at some point after 12 am your local time on Friday, July 23, and finish it before 11:59:59 pm your local time on Sunday, August 8. (If you're seeing this after July 23 but before August 8, it's not too late! Join any time!)
  • Enter your project in your Ravelry Notebook and tag it with ravellenics2021 and any one of the 14 Ravellenic Event Tags. This year's Ravellenic Events are: Afghan Marathon, Bag Backstroke, Cowl Jump, Garment Polo, Hat Dash, Household Heptathlon, Mitten Medley, Scarf Hockey, Shawl Sailing, Sock-Put, Sweater Triathlon, Synchronized Spinning, Toy Toss, and WIPs Wrestling, so any project that would fit into one of those categories would be perfect to work on for the Ravellenic Games.
  • If you like, you can also tag your Ravelry project with one of the special Laurel Tags, which are mostly related to different techniques your project might require, such as beading, dyeing, frogging (it happens!); there are also Laurel Tags for designing your project yourself, or making it for charity.
  • If you'd like a virtual medal, be sure to post about your victory (finished project) in the Finish Line thread for your event when you're done!

That's it! You can also chat in the group as much as you want, find a team to connect with in the Raveletes Village (teams aren't required but they are definitely fun!), watch the FO's coming in on the Finish Line page, and participate in any way that makes the Ravellenic Games experience more enjoyable for you.

The Ravellenic Games 2021 group mods welcome all participants, and have set up some fantastic resources in their group pages; if you have questions about how to join or what to do, their Starting Gate Guide probably has the answers. We hope you will be able to join the fun and make something special!

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