Pressing Questions Answered

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Wow - April 1st was a particularly busy day for us! You guys were full of questions. We received a hundred-ish queries (about half were regarding Fabio), so I figured that I'd answer you all at once. Here we go...

What happened to my avatar's head?

Why, it was Hat Day, of course! Ravelers who did not bring their own hats were supplied with loaner hats. Shame on you all - Jess, Mary-Heather, and I were the only ones who remembered our headgear. Jess and MH wore halos and I wore a fine chef's hat. I handed out hats willy nilly and we were all surprised by the number of perfect fits. If you spent all day surfing around the forums and looking at hats, don't feel bad. We all did. We've since taken our loaner hats back, so your heads are all back to normal. Or back to the way they were, at least. I couldn't fit all 50,000 hat wearers in this post so I made a tiny montage. ..and just a little bit of Radar chatter:

Are you really selling Ravelry?

No, of course not! That was only a rumor started by ktb38 and corroborated by meggle. I met meggle in person while she was wandering around Stitches West wearing a Completely Pointless and Arbitrary shirt. She is not to be trusted.

There are some strange books in my library!

Indeed! This was part of a special promotion. Unfortunately, we only received a paltry $2.81 for the 281 clickthroughs to the Fabio fan club and we decided to discontinue the program.

Did Julia Roberts really join Ravelry?

Maybe! She does knit, after all ;) We all had a lot of fun on April Fool's Day - thanks guys! Comments edit - doh! I forgot the mention the forum post voting buttons (educational/interesting/funny agree/disagree love) that ran away from your mouse when you tried to click them! Oh well - I'd need a video to explain that one and I didn't make one...

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