October Ravelry craft-along round-up

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October Ravelry craft-along round-up

When we had the idea to do a call for a round-up of craft-alongs, we posted about it pretty spontaneously and hoped we'd get a few submissions to share with the community at large. As often happens, Ravelers exceeded our expectations and we've had the best time checking out all the planned craft-alongs going on in Ravelry groups this October!

There are nearly 50 craft-alongs in this post (!!), and we've broken them up below into three sections based on the type of Ravelry group to help you hone in on your interests more easily: social groups (groups not affiliated with a fiber business), yarn company & yarn shop groups, and designer & podcaster groups.

Within each of those sections, the -alongs are listed by craft: craft-alongs are open to knitting and crocheting projects (and sometimes other crafts as well), and then we have lists specifically for crochet-alongs and knit-alongs (and one weave-along too!). Unless otherwise specified, the craft-alongs listed begin on October 1 but most groups who submitted their events mentioned that they welcome new participants at any time.

If you've never participated in a craft-along before, it's the perfect time to try one. They are a great way to connect with other crafters, get support, and cheer each other on while working on similar yarny projects. There's a craft-along in October for just about any type of project you'd want to make, and we hope you find something inspiring in the list below!

Social Groups


2023 Yarn-A-Long: Use up your stash, build a herd! is hosting a Marathon. Run a marathon by using up specific amounts of yarn grams. Craft is any craft that uses yarn, theme is stash busting, project - you can do any project or pattern.

Always Yarn First is hosting a Stripe-along. Make something striped between October and December!

Australian Crafters Aid Network is hosting Crafting for Ukraine's Kids October. We are sending 200 sets of hand-knitted clothing to Ukrainian refugee children in Poland in early November. Each set will include a hat, mittens, socks, a sweater or vest for the smaller children, and a little hand-knitted toy.

Colorful CALs/KALs & Projects Group is hosting the October Repurposing Make-along. The along gives participants the opportunity to share their crafting projects involving recycling, repurposing and mending. It's an along for all of us who want to live more sustainably. This is a very broad subject covering all sorts of crafts, not only knitting or crochet.

Keep Calm and Carry On Knitting is hosting a Giftalong. Knit or crochet a gift (or gifts) for the upcoming holiday season. We encourage inclusion, so no specific pattern or yarn - we just ask people to work on something that they wish to gift to someone. As a group we run relaxed -alongs, encouraging each other in their crafting journey in a stress-free environment.

Project Linus is hosting a Baby Blanket Craftalong. We will be making baby blankets for local Project Linus chapters to distribute to children and babies from 0-18 years who are ill or in need in hospitals or domestic violence shelters, or traumatized after events or natural disasters (United States only).


Crochet Clothing Crochet Along is hosting a fourth quarter CAL in October and November. Let’s crochet some clothing! Together we’ll explore the land of short rows, bust darts, shaping, and customizing and finally end with sweaters, skirts, shirts and garments we can wear!

Crochet for Mental Health is hosting the Amigurumi Crochet-along starting October 29. You’ll receive a free original pattern for some amigurumi creatures, with detailed step-by-step instructions with photographs, and lots of hints and tips for success.


Fingerless Glove Fanatics is hosting an October Mystery KAL. It's a Knitted Mystery Knit Along with a Halloween theme and an accompanying spooky story that will develop as we knit! It's a stranded knitting pattern using two colours, called Once Upon A Halloween and it's available free during the month of the MKAL.

Project-A-Month KAL is voting now on their October KAL! The overall theme for this year is projects with months in the title. We knit anything from hats, socks, mittens, bags, scarves, cowls, soft toys, blankets, cardigans, jumpers - you name it, we knit it - as long as it is a free pattern in the Ravelry database.

Walk and Knit is hosting the October Walking KAL. Create an article (hat, mittens, socks, scarves - your choice of anything that works for you…) entirely while walking or standing! If possible, track your miles. Lets go!

Yarn Shop and Yarn Company Groups


Berroco Lovers is hosting the Berroco Cowl MAL 2023. You can make any cowl with Berroco or Berroco partner brand yarns (Lang, Lopi, West Yorkshire Spinners, Wool Addicts, and Amano).

Get Flocked is hosting Flocktober 2023. Flocktober is a month long celebration of all things knitting and crochet. This year we have three categories that everyone can enter and 3 spot prizes from local Christchurch businesses!

Harps & Thistles Yarn Emporium is hosting Heel-oween. Make socks together for the entire month of October - winning prizes and having a scary good time!

Plucky Knitters is hosting a Fall KAL 2023 for knitting and crochet. You can use any pattern you like and join at any time while the craftalong is in progress! Projects should be made with at least 80% Plucky yarn.

Red Heart Lovers is hosts a monthly knit and crochet-along where all Red Heart brand yarn crafters are welcome. In October their theme is gloves/mittens/mitts and you can use a Red Heart yarn or pattern to join.

Wool on the Exe is hosting the Community Mitten Project. This year, we hope to dress up our shop window with lovely hand knit and crocheted mittens. These will then be donated to local charities to warm the hands of people in our community!


Mystery 220 (More or Less) is hosting an October Mystery CAL starting October 2. Crochet a non-wearable item from 100-120 yards of cotton sport weight yarn. You may use 2, 4 or 5 colors.


Do Ewe Knit is hosting a Fall Pullover Along. Our Fall Knitalong will be relaxing top down pullovers, and you’ll get to choose which of us you’d like to knitalong with. Each of our team members is choosing a pullover to knit out of our beautiful selection of yarns; for prizes, pullovers must be knit from yarns purchased at Do Ewe Knit.

Grumpy Goat Fine Yarn is hosting a KAL in their shop group for the Westknits Geogradient Mystery Shawl 2023.

Malabrigo Junkies is hosting the Halloween Horror Knits: Brioche! KAL. It will be a month long knit along for Malabrigo Junkies members focusing on the sometimes scary brioche technique! Projects must be made with Malabrigo yarn.

Mystery 220 (More or Less) is hosting an October Mystery KAL. Knit a non wearable item from Aran or worsted weight. The knitting will be simple - and simply magic.

The Yarn Patch is hosting the 2023 Mystery Knit-along #15. Kits with the yarn and pattern can be purchased from The Yarn Patch; participants will receive a section of the pattern each week for four weeks. This project will be on the easier end of the spectrum and promises to be a whole lot of fun. We look forward to having you join us.

Designer and Podcaster Groups


Chit Chat Knits is hosting the Warm Ears MAL. Make any knit, crochet, woven, or sewn hat that will keep your ears warm. Use any pattern you wish in any yarn or fabric.

Knitistry Knerds is hosting the Experimental Make-A-Long (EMAK) starting October 23. The project has to have a science or experimental theme to it. This could be a project that has a science theme,  a new-to-you aspect (a designer you've never used, a new yarn, or a new technique), or something you want to experiment with (example: mohair vs suri).

Petra Designs is hosting the Craft Along for the Holiday Season. This time we will be creating for the holidays, whether you please yourself or the lovely people who are on your lists. As always, we are not bound by any one project, so anything goes as long as it is one of my knitting or crochet designs.


Two Ewes Fiber Adventures is hosting the Winter Weave-Along starting October 15. Pin looms, cardboard looms, rigid heddle or floor looms--there is something for every yarn enthusiast. Weave projects from a small tapestry or amulet pouch, to a scarf, shawl, dishtowels or a blanket! The chatter thread will be full of experienced weavers with helpful ideas and new weavers with inspiring enthusiasm. Join us!


Ashlee Brotzell Designs is hosting the Tumbling Curls CAL starting October 12. This Crochet-A-Long can be done using the interlocking crochet technique or the overlay mosaic crochet technique. The repeatable design can be used to create a cowl, scarf, blanket, bag, or more!


Anne B Hanssen Design is hosting an October Knitalong. The theme will be a choice of a children/adult garment with the same design. I will let the knitter choose from a few of my "generations" patterns.

Designs by Hanna Gough is hosting the Advent Sockathon KAL. Using the free Advent Mini Sock pattern, the challenge is to make 24 minis between October 1 and November 30.

Dolly Delights is hosting the SLOw-MOtion KAL with Little Women starting October 2, knitting a doll inspired by one of the characters from 1994 screen adaptation of Little Women. Both Meg and Jo are the latest additions to Dolly Delights From Books to Needles Series. Both dolls are fully dress-able; all the clothing is knitted as separate garment pieces and you will be slowly dressing your doll as the weeks go by.

Fogbound Knits is hosting the Lophelia KAL. Make a Lophelia Shawl between October 1 and the end of November; Finishers with a linked project page with photo and completion date will get a free pattern of their choice from Laura's shop.

Herbgarden Knitwear and Friends is hosting the Herbgarden Knitwear Shawl KAL. Participants can make any Herbgarden Knitwear shawl.

Huddle Together KAL is knitting the Huddling Penguins Hat together over the month of October. Do you know how penguins stay warm during the dark and endless polar night? They huddle together closely in tight packs. Now you can join their crowd too - join the huddle and let’s have fun together!

Julie Asselin is hosting a Fall Make-Along 2023. This year's theme will be Fall Colors. After the joys of summer, this is the time to find comfort and contemplate the beauty of leaves changing colors and their rich shades.

Killer Kitsch Lizzie is hosting the Batty About Bats Beret KAL. Participants will knit the Batty About Bats Beret together.

Knit Together with Kim and Jonna is hosting a KAL featuring Petite Knit patterns. Because we just want to “knit together” feel free to join in with ANY Petite Knit pattern and use ANY yarn. WIPs are welcome.

Knotenufknitting Knit-a-longs will host the Simple Raglan Sweater KAL. It is a Raglan sweater that comes in sizes baby - Adult 4XL. It is a complete tutorial with 9 videos to help the knitter at each step of the pattern.

LiliaCraftParty is hosting the Autumn Fades Shawl KAL starting October 18. Autumn Fades Shawl is a deliciously cozy knitting piece you’ll wear all season long. Learn how to make short rows, easy mosaics knitting and i-cord border. It's perfect to start fall season and keep wearing during the cold season.

Lilli Skog Designs is hosting the Pumpkin Knitalong, where participants are knitting together to make any paid for pumpkin pattern on Ravelry.

Nelkin Designs is hosting COWL-tober starting October 13. This MKAL is going to be a HOOT. Knit with 500 yards of DK weight yarn cOWL mkal will FLY off your needles. Four bite-sized clues build off of each other, with new techniques and video support to guide you in your flight.

Nifty Knitter Designs is hosting the Meowy Christmas Scarf MKAL beginning October 19. A cheery double knit holiday scarf featuring images of cats and other Christmas and winter scenes.

Northbound Knitting is hosting a 2023 NBKAL. The rules are simple - either knit one of my designs or knit/crochet/weave/spin something with NBK yarn or fibre. And wips count! I try to give out lots of prizes - free patterns, skeins of yarn, and club memberships - the more people knitting along, the more prizes there will be!

Paper Daisy Creations is hosting  the Socks of Narnia KAL. With the release of my second Socks of Narnia collection, I'll be running a knitalong beginning October 1 through the end of November. You only need to knit ONE single sock of any of the eight patterns to be eligible for prizes, or knit ONE single sock of FOUR different patterns to be eligible for the grand prize!

Rabbit Hole Knits is hosting the Christmas Cookie KAL & Contest. It's a special KAL and Contest making the Christmas Cookies pattern - every cookie shared in that thread gains another entry for the prize drawing.

Stitch Glimpse is hosting the Artic Aura Knit Along. I invite you to welcome October in my Stitch Glimpse group and get ready for colder days with the Arctic Aura Knit Along. We are going to work on haps - Shetland version of wraps. There are four of my patterns to choose from. They differ in size and complexity so every person will have a chance to choose what they feel comfortable with.

Tellybean Knits is hosting the October Haunted House Mystery Knit-A-Long. Knitters BEWARE! There are mysteries lurking around every corner. Using a combination of textural stitches and stranded colorwork, knitters will embark on a spine-tingling Halloween journey. Knitting begins October 1st with one clue a day for 13 days.

Westknits MKAL 2023 is hosting the Geogradient Mystery Shawl together, starting on October 5. This is Stephen's 14th MKAL and like previous Mystery designs, Geogradient is a fun knit for adventurous beginners and beyond. There's lots of video and community support for those who are excited to learn something new. We can't wait to see everyone's cosmic creations!

Thank you so much to everyone hosting or participating in a craft-along on Ravelry! It's wonderful to get to check out the different groups and all the creative ways in which you craft in community. We are excited to see all the projects that you make together and are cheering you on just as much as you cheer on each other. Happy crafting!

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