Maryland Sheep and Wool - this weekend!

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It's warming up here in the US, which means that festival season is here! This summer, we'll be traveling quite a bit, and it all begins this weekend with Maryland Sheep and Wool! We have our official MDSW Meetup times and locations! On Saturday, May 2 and Sunday, May 3, we are meeting in the Rabbit Buildling from 12:00 - 1:00 pm. Click on the dates to check out their event pages right here on Ravelry, so that you can RSVP! You can check out the location of the Rabbit Building on the Fairgrounds Map page of the MDSW site; here is a little closeup: MDSW map If you haven't yet, go ahead and mark that you were attending MDSW on its own Ravelry Events page! :) The Maryland Sheep and Wool volunteers are always so helpful in finding a space that is accessible to all, available for use, and large enough to fit a whole bunch of Ravelry members and curious Ravelers-to-be in between their other scheduled events. We're so pleased to be able to have a good spot for our meetup! Last year, on Saturday, we were pretty crowded (heh) when trying to fit everyone inside the Rabbit Building, but there is a lot of space on the lawns all around it so we're able to spread out, which is great. We'll have buttons to hand out at the scheduled meetups and sharpies so that you can write your usernames on them. We really can't wait to meet everyone and say hello! comments...

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