Happy Bobmas!

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It's Bobmas day!

Bobmas? What is Bobmas? Bobmas is the anniversary of Ravelry's conception. The holiday was first discovered by rewselene, Ravelry street team / pep-squadder extraordinaire. (Rewselene has been off-Ravelry for a little while. Laurie: we're all thinking of you and we hope that you are well. ) This is the very first Bobmas, so people are creating the traditions this year :) This is what we've got so far:
  • Meetups! People have been organizing and holding all kinds of Bobmas Eve and Bobmas Day gatherings. If you have put any meetup photos on Flickr, tag them with "bobmas" so that we can see them!
  • Cupcakes! We saw cupcakes in one meetup photo and we think that cupcakes would make a fine tradition. Time will only tell of the Eating of Cupcakes catches on.
  • Yarn! There should definitely be yarn.
...I guess that's all I've got for now! Thank you all for making a previously ordinary day into something fun! :) I tried to take a Bobmas morning picture, but Bob didn't really enjoy being woken up 5 hours early and shoved into a basket: Comments

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