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With about 2,000 new patterns added to Ravelry each week, it is impossible to keep up with all the fantastic new designs as they are added. If you have particular designers whose new patterns you don't want to miss, adding them to your Ravelry favorites gives you easy ways to follow them and make sure you see their latest designs.

Your Favorite Designers

screeenshots of designer Jennifer Burke's designer page on desktop and mobile Ravelry, with arrows pointing to the "save in favorites" button
Adding designer Jennifer Burke to Ravelry favorites

First, you'll want to add the designer to your Ravelry favorites using the save in favorites button on their designer profile page.

Once the designer is in your Ravelry favorites, whenever they publish a new pattern you'll see it in your Pattern Highlights section on the main Patterns page. Your full Highlights are linked at the bottom of that section, and on your main Highlights page you'll see the option to customize what appears in your Highlights.

screenshots of advanced search filters in desktop and mobile Ravelry, with arrows pointing to the "favorite designers" filter in the "my notebook" filter sets
the "favorite designers" filter in our advanced search - desktop on left, mobile on right

In our advanced search, you can use the Favorite designers filter in the My Notebook filter set to see patterns only from those designers, and then continue to hone your search with our other search filters.

screenshot of desktop Ravelry with arrows pointing to the "new to Ravelry" sort and "save search" link at the top of our advanced search
the "new to Ravelry" sort and "save search" link on desktop

While searching for patterns by your favorite designers, you can set yourself up to get new pattern notifications by selecting the New to Ravelry sort in the drop-down at the top, and then clicking on the save search link.

screenshots of Ravelry's mobile site with arrows pointing out the "new to Ravelry" sort and "save search link at the top of our advanced search," as well as the checkbox to subscribe to and name a search
sorting by new to Ravelry, saving a search, and naming a search on mobile

Once you've opted to save the search, check the subscribe to this search tickbox, name your search, and from now on, whenever there is a new pattern that meets your saved search criteria, you'll see a green notification dot by the advanced search tab at the top of Ravelry.

screenshots of desktop and mobile Ravelry with green notification dots in the "saved search" section
the green notification dot on desktop (left) and mobile (right)

To view your new results, first click on advanced search and then on the saved search link that appears in the drop-down.

We hope this helps you keep up with new patterns you don't want to miss!

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