Eye Candy: Light and Airy

Posted by onestitchshort on
OhSusquehanna's beautiful & breezy Ursa

It's gotten quite warm here in Texas, so when looking for Eye Candy this week, I was drawn to things that felt light and airy.

While you wouldn't necessarily think of an aran weight top as being light and airy, CoyCrochet's My Favorite Tee certainly is! I love how the flowers coordinate so well with the purple top. Maybull's Step it up Shawl 2 is also a lovely use of purple and seems like a great light weight accessory for any time of year.

Lightweight shawls are really what I think of when I think of "light and airy". Woll-moe-re's Fugra Shawl 2 is a lovely combination of solid fabric and lace. Nijntjefliegt's Minarets and lace is so delicate and features beads if you zoom in closely.

These garments are so open and airy. The flower pattern and the lovely edging on CLEOCMC's Water Clover really caught my eye. Finally, I love the color selection for LaceyField's Sunset Colors Pocket Full of Posies Vest.

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