Eye Candy: Bags!

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Bags 1

MrsDanvers’ Spring Hexagons bag – so pretty!

I love a good bag (handmade or otherwise), and today I found some great bag projects to share with everyone! So far this year, Ravelers have made well over 4,000 bags – here are just a few that popped out at me when I searched those projects.

bags 2

Above: mustrimardikas’ woven laptop bag and iKnitnstitch’s Felted Boho Knot Bag are so chic.

bags 3

I love the whimsical Unicorn Farts Bag from lindseyatk and Zin-Carla’s Shark Bait!

bags 4

Finally, aren’t these vibrant colors gorgeous? Crochet green purse from Santtuqs, TracyMarie’s Beach Day Tote Bag, and Marionv’s Mochila Liza.

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