Community Eye Candy: Remixed II

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These projects were created using design elements that came from more than one place. I added links to the incorporated patterns so that you can more easily see how each project was created.

left: EllyMayy's Capri Tunic starts with Capri Cover and takes a little from Keepsake Lace Shawl.

center: pooki's Boxy Combo mixes Boxy with cancun boxy lace top.

right: tatty152's Project 8 - Adult Shetland dress draws from Christening Robe Apron and Victoria - Fine art lace stole.

emteedee's GrĂ¼ne Mamba is a machine knit tee that is based on the Summit shawl.

MillieMilliani's Carprean combines the Carpino and Aibrean pullovers.

Sigrid1703 just finished her Evenstar Dress today! Her version adds Lucy and her Sisters to Evenstar Shawl.

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