Community Eye Candy: Raveling in Russia

Posted by jessicamf on

This week we feature some wonderful projects from Russia. Bonus points to everyone who modeled their projects outside in the snow! :)

Above: kioto888's Especially for you, Constana's Rockaway, and shaverskaya's Careen.

KotCheshirskiy's Dawn of a new year, Katya Novikova's Water Lilies, and Azzia's Dancing Leaves Snood.

Helika's mittens ruby, CantarinaMariya's Bloomsbury and vertama's Пиума шоколадная.

Beautiful work everyone!

Russian speakers: Volunteers have begun translating Ravelry. If you would like to see parts of Ravelry in Russian instead of English, look for this icon at the bottom of the site:

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