Community Eye Candy: Knit That For Me One More Time

Posted by oharethey on

I’ve been thinking lately about our favorite patterns, the ones we go back to over and over again.  So today’s eye candy features Ravelers who have made the same pattern more than once.

First up, seastar1 has made Cladonia twice – once in her handspun and once with stripes.

Next up, we see someone who has perfected her go-to baby knit!  Here are just a sampling of the projects morganmagic has made from Milo.  There’s one with a matching hat, a gorgeous tree pattern, a feminine lacing detail, and green and yellow stripes.

I love that ChaoticK really played with different colors with her Fox Paws.  The tall scarf, the cowl, the scarf in progress – they’re all really fun combos.

And finally, bellanordica could wear a different Flare every weekday.  Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – she’d be impressing everyone she passed with her gorgeous work.

When I went searching for projects for this post I was blown away to find that of the projects completed in October, over 2,000 of them were repeat patterns!  It’s so fun to see the different ways we tackle the same project over time.

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