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One of my favorite forum discussions on our site is the “Most Beautiful FO (finished object) You Have Seen on Ravelry” thread in the For the Love of Ravelry forum. Started by funkyknitwit in 2008 and still active, it is filled with page after page of positivity about the incredible work users see from each other on Ravelry. Today’s Eye Candy projects are all pulled from that thread – thank you to everyone who has contributed over the years!

wedding projects

There were quite a few wedding-related projects linked in the thread – no surprise, as a wedding is such a wonderful chance to make a precious and meaningful heirloom! MandaKR’s Gettin’ Married Shawl, WorldKnit’s Alex Squared: The Wedding Dress, and KnittingRN’s Wedding Veil all took my breath away.

handspun projects

The stunning, cozy handspun projects that Ravelers linked to include wolletron’s Skittles Hoedown, PiccoloBlue’s Larchmont Wool Project/Family Quilt, and HelloYarn’s Fantom Bohus. I want to squish them all!

crochet projects

KarinvdB’s Amineko 2013 Temperature Cat, nixx’s Wedding Dress (I couldn’t help including another wedding dress project – it’s just incredible!), and dragonbird’s Freeform Crochet Project: Painting with Yarn are outstanding examples of the creative talent seen from the crocheters on Ravelry.

sweater projects

Trillian42’s Amazing Technicolor Dreamsweater, dayana’s Fabulous Freija, and nbgriz’s Reindeer Cardigan are a few of the fantastic garments that have been highlighted in the Most Beautiful FO’s thread. Love these gorgeous sweaters!

If you’d like to see more of the incredible projects that other Ravelers have seen and loved, check out this Advanced Search of the projects magic-linked in the “Most Beautiful FO” thread – I guarantee you’ll be inspired. If you’d like to share a stunning FO you’ve seen recently, please join in the conversation!

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