Bobby Award Nominations!

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Have you noticed something new in the Ravelry footer? Bobby Footer Bob's little ears mean only one thing: nominations are open for this year's Bobby Awards! Bobby Nominations Poster The Bobby Awards are the unofficial Ravelry awards, organized and run by the moderators and members of The Bobbys Group here on Ravelry! With categories chosen by the group and ranging from "Best Handspun" to "Funniest Single Forum Post" to "Best Disaster," there is sure to be something on Ravelry you would like to nominate for a Bobby. This year, Ravelry got involved with the nominations and Casey made a handy nominator - since the site has grown so much since last year's Bobby Awards (which were huge!), we wanted to make things easier on the mods and be sure that every Raveler who wanted to participate and nominate something for the Bobbys would be able to do so. You can check out the categories and their descriptions on the Bobbys nominations page. If there is a project, pattern, person, image, forum post, etc. that you would like to nominate for a given category, you can nominate it by pasting in the URL in the "link" field, making sure that the right category is selected in the green box, adding a comment if you wish, and clicking the nominate button. Nomination example If you happen to be looking at a page on Ravelry that has a Bobbys category and you'd like to nominate it, clicking on the Bobbys icon in the footer will take you to the nominations page with the link automagically filled in for you. You just have to be sure to select the appropriate category before you hit the "nominate" button! Nominations are open until March 31... after that, the voting for the winners will begin! (We'll have more info about that later.) There are even prizes for the winners! If you are interested in donating a prize, you can contact Jesh to let her know. We'd like to give a huge thank-you to the moderators of The Bobbys group here - it's a lot of fun for us to get involved with a big group project that is open to all Ravelry members. Thank you to Jesh, Kateyj, knit2gether, smittenknitten, telcontar, ThatOtherRedhead, and Veriton! Have fun! Comments?

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